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(Mentoring & Accountability Plan):

“My MAP relates goals and accountability to real-life driving scenarios to help clients move forward toward life goals and away from relapse.”

My Map is a goal setting navigational tool designed to help a client set a course that will take them to their desired goals and avoid behaviors that have kept them from achieving those goals in the past. Along with a Sponsor and Accountability Partners, the Client will identify life goals, their common destructive behaviors, and their accountability plan to help prevent going off course.  The RADAR tool will help the Client identify their “current speed” and state their personal “Braking Action” to slow them back down to their recovery behaviors.

Although, MAP was designed for an aftercare tool for those in Lifeline-connect, it can also be used as a sobriety tool for clients that seek non-residential treatment.

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 Your Love Is Killin Me – DVD

An intimate discussion and dramatization of the relationship often experienced with someone who is struggling with addiction. Director, Randy Brown, talks with a former addict and a mother of an addict, about the dynamics of the Addict/Enabler relationship and how to “love” an addict with a healthy love. Find inspiration to begin the journey towards a healthy relationship of love without enablement.

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Understanding Addiction – DVD

Designed to bring understanding to the factors that drive addictive behavior, Understanding Addiction looks at chemical dependance from a neurological viewpoint. Explore the limbic system, pre-stress conditions, the effects of dopamine and more in this informative lecture.

Presented by Lifeline-connect Director, Randy Brown, this session is tailored for friends and family members of addicts, as well as addicts themselves.

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