Lifeline Community

Lifeline Community has been born out of a desire to offer affordable, Christ-based, nonresidential Recovery programming to our community.  Lifeline Community is built around proven key components that have contributed to the extraordinary success of Lifeline Connect Residential.  Lifeline Community is offered to those who are ready to start taking responsibility for their own lives and who exemplify a high level of commitment to work toward their own personal recovery.  An interview process will be necessary prior to acceptance to assess these and other vital components that must be present to begin the journey to personal Recovery and Restoration.  Lifeline Community programming is geared to eliminate the need for destructive coping behaviors by leading clients to the emotional healing and restoration that Christ-directed programming can provide. Examples of such destructive coping behaviors are (but are not limited to these examples): Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling, Pornography, and Gaming. 

Randy Brown presented Nick Spidle with his Certificate of Completion of Lifeline Community.