Fundraiser Services Offered


Need Help with yard work, clean-up, moving or vehicle detailing?

As a part of the recovery program at Lifeline-connect, participants are given opportunities to gain job skills, give back to the community and raise funds to support the program. Lifeline-connect accepts business and homeowner projects to raise money to support our program.


Call Lifeline-connect Assistant Director, Jamey Carls, at 217.402.2886 or email [email protected] . Give us an overview of what you need and we’ll give you a suggested donation.


Yard Work & Landscaping: Lifeline-connect workers will get your yard looking great. Lifeline-connect offers the following services for residential, multi-family, and office/corporate settings:

  • Mulching and re-mulching
  • Planting (small bushes and trees)
  • Leaf raking/removal

Moving Services: Lifeline-connect workers can provide the labor for your move. Let us take the hassle and worry away – and spare your back too!  Lifeline-connect offers these services for residential and office/corporate moves:

  • Truck loading and unloading in your home or office

Clean-up & Construction: Whether you have an old shed that needs to come down or your garage could use a clean-out, Lifeline-connect workers are there for you. Let us take away the worry and get the job done! Lifeline-connect offers the following construction-related services for residential and office/corporate settings:

  • Remodel or demolition of certain old or unwanted structures (old fences, sheds, etc.)
  • Clean-up services 

Auto Detailing: Lifeline-connect workers offer a variety of automobile services to keep you clean, shiny, and looking professional. Whether your own car could use a good cleaning, or your work fleet needs an overhaul, Lifeline-connect can help. Lifeline-connect offers the following services for residential and corporate automobile and trucks:

  • Car and truck clean-outs
  • Car and truck washes and waxes
  • Car and truck full detail (clean-out, wash, and wax)

The suggested donation is $12 per guy per hour. 


Our clients are happy clients and we encourage you to contact them about our work.

 • Randy and Tammy Roberts  • Jim and Shirley Howe • Sherry Stigman

“I have used Lifeline-connect for many years and I find the men have been courteous, polite, very professional, highly motivated and always give me good service. I would highly recommend them for any work!” – Helen Myron

“We at CDC Paper & Janitor Supply encourage everyone to consider Lifeline-Connect for projects around the home or business.   It’s been a pleasure working with them on landscaping projects, clean-up jobs and office renovations. They do excellent work, but the real reward comes from supporting people that are striving to improve their lives.” – Larry Craig (CDC Paper & Janitor Supply)

“Over the years, WDWS/WHMS/WKIO radio stations have enlisted the workforce from Lifeline-Connect to clean-up the landscape in and around the radio center. The Lifeline-Connect crew and management have always been professional, the work has also been completed on time and the results have always met our every expectations. They always get my recommendation!” – Marsha Silver (WDWS/WHMS/WKIO)

Call Jamey Carls (Assistant Director) at 217.402.2886

All Fundraisers are Supervised by a Lifeline-connect Staff Member

By using the services offered by Lifeline-connect you are supporting these men in their journey towards a better and recovered life. Thank you for your support!